Tuesday, June 06, 2006

turpentine chasers

Was looking through my 2006 running log. What was I thinking? I mean, I was a beast, and in no way is this bragging. I killed my body. Really. Let me explain, see I probably take in on average, 1500-2000 calories daily. From January until about March I was running around 70 miles per week. Some weeks much more, some weeks less. You do the math as far as the calories go.

Anyways, I saw days where I was doing 4x5k loops in tempo pace (the loop is actually a tad longer than a 5k); I was doing 3x5k cutdowns, etc. and these were my easy days. You have to remember that on Sunday I was doing 12 -14 miles with a 12 to 20 minute tempo mixed in. Tuesdays I was usually either doing a tempo or a track workout (any where from 6 miles tempo to 15k tempo, to 20 x 300's or 28 x 200's, etc.). Thursday I was doing a fartlek session that lasted about 10 miles.

Regardless I ran myself into a hole that I could not get out of. The only amazing thing was that I was able to complete (until injury) all of my workouts at a desired pace!!!


I've got to learn to control myself and to take care of myself.


I ran 6 easy miles this morning. Making total for the week: 23 miles. On my way to 50!!!


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