Sunday, June 11, 2006

play crack the sky

Looking for 59 miles this week. Felt good on a 10 miler this morning with dan. actually went a little further than 10, maybe 10.5, but felt good regardless. the morning was awesome. a light breeze, plenty of shade, etc. a pretty enjoyable event to start out the day with.

the week looks like this:
sunday - 10 miles
monday - 7 miles/4 miles
tuesday - 6 miles/4 miles
wednesday - 7 miles
thursday - 6 miles
friday - 7 miles
saturday - 8 miles

got new shoes today. much needed new shoes. they didn't have any of my regular mizuno wave rider 9's so i opted for the nike zoom miler after much debate with the nike zoom vomero. after the fact, it was the light weight miler that i felt more comfortable in, compared to the bulky cushioning of the vomero.

i'm pretty scared of running in nike, but we'll see how it goes.

i'm starting to ignore you...i'm tired of overthinking...i know you don't belong...i am asking one pushes me around...every body feels this way sometimes...every body feels this way...


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