Monday, June 12, 2006

i want to talk to you...

Ran an easy 7 miles this morning in my new zoom milers. we'll see. the jury is still out on them. currently icing my foot. there's this spot on the bottom that seems like a bruise, but is probably something worse. i'll continue monitoring it.

got a 4 miler scheduled for tonight. first double of the summer. should be interesting.

read some good articles on khalid khannouchi and deena kastor this morning. khannouchi (or kk) has been out nearly 3.5 years and is finally back running fast. he's well over a minute faster than any other american, including meb. deena is certainly the athlete who is most on fire. she's won chicago, now london, and broke the 2:20 barrier.

spending the rest of the day in office trying to contact some people and studying up for a math test.

yeah, that's life at the moment.


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