Saturday, June 10, 2006


I finished up this week with 51 miles. dan finished his week with 100 miles. we ran around norbuck and whiterock lake this morning: dan doing 12, i doing 8. tomorrow is our long day. i think he'll do 15, i'll do 10.

this week I have 59 miles scheduled. I'm doing my same week, just adding two 4 mile runs on monday and tuesday afternoon.

the 8 this morning felt great until about 45 minutes, and then the heat set in. we were supposed to be running by 7:20ish and didn't get out there until after 8 o'clock.


the ncaa championships conclude this weekend. i've looked to see who has won but haven't paid much attention other than that. just not that interested. i've got to build up my program and get to my own championships. at least that is the goal.

star recruit coming in later this afternoon. hanging around the office until then. hopefully she buys into the program/offer i make her. she could really put us over the top.


step one: i say we need to talk.


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