Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Have you ever been so frustrated that you just wanted to walk down a dead end road and keep going right through the dead end? Yeah, try today, or this week (yes, it's only Tuesday)...things happen in life that I can not and will not try to explain, but they've really irritated me this week.

Let's just start off with my foot, which is hurt bad enough to force me to some days off. Now the debate starts up, "Why are you always hurt Jake?" Is it the shoes? Is it the intensity? Is it your running style?

Let me answer those questions: It can't be the shoes. I get new shoes like people change underwear and I break them in before running in them. It might be the intensity. I run harder than some people. But I don't run a lot, at least not now any ways. And my running style has been the same since I was born. I can't change it.

Things just aren't falling into place. So what do I do? I rearrange. I take action. I make amends?


Thought of the day: take as many naps as you can.


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