Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NCAA National Championships

- with the championships on the horizon, I have decided, after looking at the *accepted athletes list to pick a top three for the only races I'm worried about, the 800 meters, 1500 meters, 5000 meters, and 10000 meters.
* these athletes might not compete in selected event, so this is just a guessing game...

800 meters (fastest entered time: Tom Lancashire, JR, FSU 1:45.76)
1st - Tom Lancashire
* easy pick. he's got the fastest time and he's certainly one of the top middle distance runners in the country, if not the top. i'd say either he or manzano are the top two in their classes...
2nd - Christian Smith
* indoor mile champion, has a 1:46.49 this season and is a SR, so I expect him, being he runs this race (he should he's only 16th in the 1500m), to finish right with Lancashire, but none the less to lose.
3rd - Pablo Solares
* probably the dumbest pick I will make in all of these picks. completely love to watch this huge man run. he's got to be about 6'4" and 185 pounds and just lumbers around the track. he's coming in ranked 24th, might not even get to race this, but if he does, i got him with the bronze.

1500 meters (fastest entered time: Stephen Pifer, SO, Colorado 3:40.70)
1st - Leonel Manzano
* this kid has a lot of hype behind him, but with texas winning the penn relays dmr and he being the anchor leg, i feel like it's his season. he won last year, he wins this year (15th fastest time entered).
2nd - Tom Lancashire
* probably won't be doubling and if so, probably won't take home two championships, but I'm stuck on the fact that this guy is top of the class right with manzano.
3rd - Pablo Solares
* not as dumb as picking him in the 800 meters. pablo is ranked 3rd with a 3:40.91, meaning he's off of the fastest time by .20 seconds. hope to see the big fella lumber to another bronze...

5000 meters (fastest entered time: Chris Solinsky, JR, Wisconsin 13:27.94)
1st - Joshpat Boit
* I refuse to pick anyone to beat Josphat. he's run 13:28.26 this year and probably did that comfortably. not sure how fast he can go, but it'll be fast enough to beat the field.
2nd - Richard Kiplagat
* talk about a disappointing championship in indoor. kid had the fastest entered times in 3 events and came home with no championships. maybe he'll get boit here, but i doubt it.
3rd - Bret Schoolmeester
* I'm only picking him because 2 years ago he was 5th in ncaa's cross and because i refuse to pick any badgers...

10000 meters (fastest entered time: Josphat Boit, SR, Arkansas 28:22.09)
1st - Josphat Boit
* Refusing to pick anyone other than boit.
2nd - Simon Bairu
* definitely not as good on the track as he is in cross, but solid pick none the less.
3rd - Robert Cheseret
* the cat! probably in the mix to win this thing but going with a 3rd finish.

there will probably be a badger winning some sort of national championship, but i refuse to pick them.


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rod koborsi is going to come up with a 'shouldn't be so surprising win' in the 10k. no 5k for him is going to prove the decider between him and boit.

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