Wednesday, May 31, 2006


so running with dan and eric for me anyways is rejuvenating. i cannot wait until sunday morning to do the long run with duncan and those guys again. i think dan might go, not sure if eric is up to the mileage yet. i hope duncan, hummel, habben, cooker, greg, and the rest of the guys are out'll be fun; by the way, i'm only doing 8 miles with them. so i will basically have to walk in to finish the loop.

nearly pulled my hair out, poked my eyes, and cried a ton today. doesn't matter why, just that i did. i'm 23 years old. as of yesterday, and i really wish people would quit asking me how it went.

it went well. i had cracker barrel which i love. i ran. i watched a good track meet. talked to some good friends.

other than that. nada.

shout out for eating those 6 cookies!!!
NCAA National Championships

- with the championships on the horizon, I have decided, after looking at the *accepted athletes list to pick a top three for the only races I'm worried about, the 800 meters, 1500 meters, 5000 meters, and 10000 meters.
* these athletes might not compete in selected event, so this is just a guessing game...

800 meters (fastest entered time: Tom Lancashire, JR, FSU 1:45.76)
1st - Tom Lancashire
* easy pick. he's got the fastest time and he's certainly one of the top middle distance runners in the country, if not the top. i'd say either he or manzano are the top two in their classes...
2nd - Christian Smith
* indoor mile champion, has a 1:46.49 this season and is a SR, so I expect him, being he runs this race (he should he's only 16th in the 1500m), to finish right with Lancashire, but none the less to lose.
3rd - Pablo Solares
* probably the dumbest pick I will make in all of these picks. completely love to watch this huge man run. he's got to be about 6'4" and 185 pounds and just lumbers around the track. he's coming in ranked 24th, might not even get to race this, but if he does, i got him with the bronze.

1500 meters (fastest entered time: Stephen Pifer, SO, Colorado 3:40.70)
1st - Leonel Manzano
* this kid has a lot of hype behind him, but with texas winning the penn relays dmr and he being the anchor leg, i feel like it's his season. he won last year, he wins this year (15th fastest time entered).
2nd - Tom Lancashire
* probably won't be doubling and if so, probably won't take home two championships, but I'm stuck on the fact that this guy is top of the class right with manzano.
3rd - Pablo Solares
* not as dumb as picking him in the 800 meters. pablo is ranked 3rd with a 3:40.91, meaning he's off of the fastest time by .20 seconds. hope to see the big fella lumber to another bronze...

5000 meters (fastest entered time: Chris Solinsky, JR, Wisconsin 13:27.94)
1st - Joshpat Boit
* I refuse to pick anyone to beat Josphat. he's run 13:28.26 this year and probably did that comfortably. not sure how fast he can go, but it'll be fast enough to beat the field.
2nd - Richard Kiplagat
* talk about a disappointing championship in indoor. kid had the fastest entered times in 3 events and came home with no championships. maybe he'll get boit here, but i doubt it.
3rd - Bret Schoolmeester
* I'm only picking him because 2 years ago he was 5th in ncaa's cross and because i refuse to pick any badgers...

10000 meters (fastest entered time: Josphat Boit, SR, Arkansas 28:22.09)
1st - Josphat Boit
* Refusing to pick anyone other than boit.
2nd - Simon Bairu
* definitely not as good on the track as he is in cross, but solid pick none the less.
3rd - Robert Cheseret
* the cat! probably in the mix to win this thing but going with a 3rd finish.

there will probably be a badger winning some sort of national championship, but i refuse to pick them.

Monday, May 29, 2006

don't you know this is where the whole thing went wrong...

I am fixing to go out to Cracker Barrel to celebrate my birthday. I'm not even sure if they are open, but I sure as heck hope they are. I'm not going by myself either; Dan, Eric, and my brother will be hosting tonight.

might do a 10 minute jog tonight before i do my core work. definitely going to see merri again tomorrow morning.

summer school starts tomorrow. i'm thinking of missing the first day. is that bad?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

how to deal

just got in from hull. nice break from dallas. good country roads, good country people.

running with dan in the morning.

nothing else going on.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

the coming week...

I'll be finishing a week fo 30 miles tonight. I've got a 3 mile shake out run, and stretching session before I try and get in 45 or so easy miles next week.

Sunday - 45 minutes easy
Monday - 30 minutes a.m. 20 minutes p.m.
Tuesday - 45 minutes easy
Wednesday - 30 minutes a.m. 20 minutes p.m.
Thursday - 45 minutes easy
Friday - 30 minutes easy
Saturday - 50 minutes easy

We'll see how it goes.

I'll try and run pretty easy and keep myself in check, as far as running fast.
If the week goes well, I'll probably redo it and then get into a building phase;
i should tap out at around 85 miles or so and around 65 miles start my more intense phase.

Friday, May 26, 2006


The massage went 2 hours yesterday.
I was hoping that I would wake this morning and feel rejuvenated and ready to run.
That was not the case. I had my worst run of the week; felt heavy, and ended up walking it in out of frustration.

It'll come.
I trust that.

Got a call last night from the girl's cross country coach at Cinco Ranch H.S. in Katy, TX. She was so enthusiastic about running and coaching her girls, and it made me envious that I've lost that. A year ago, I was young, had the world in front of me and was so ready to make DBU into a National Power within weeks that I forgot it took years to do. Thus I got tired and I really believe that I failed in my first year.

I believe I failed miserably.

Anyways, she got me pumped again and even offered a ton of advice; of which I will take.

HD's graduation is tonight. going to see one person, then coming home.

one weekend left and then I won't see hull for some time.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

massage day!!!

30 minutes this morning. starting to feel more like a runner every day now. i'm still running slow, i think, but at the moment i am completely okay with that.

today @ 3:30 I've got a massage with the one and only daniel pratt. hopefully he'll help loosen my hamstrings.


sitting in hospitals is no fun.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Here is my conclusion...

Since I've been out of classes and had a ton of extra reading time, I've decided to begin doing research on distance running and the programs that might be successful for my program; a small college program with an emphasis on distance running, dealing with mid-level athletes.

I've read the Daniels' Running Formula Book (second edition) and looked over his guides for Cross Country Training, 1,500 meters to 3,000 meters, and his 5,000 to 15,000 meters training.

I have also been referring to Marius Bakken's detailed training website, looking at what the elite Kenyan athletes do, as well as some Moroccan elites, Spanish elites, and Paula Radcliffe.

One final reference would be my personal experiences, whether through trail and error or through my own personal coaches; Gabriel Rodriguez, Terry Jessup, and Duncan Cragg.

These workouts of course shouldn't be just imitated by any regular athlete. My athletes shouldn't jump in to Daniel Komen's regimen to prepare for the 5,000 meters; but they can take certainly principles from his program and figure out what might work for you.

For my women's team this coming semester, I'm going to take the organized seasonal breakdown of Daniels' cross country training and mixed in the idea of staying with higher mileage (Rodriguez's preaching) and Jessup's build ups to run well.

With Daniels' phases, phase 1 through phase 4 we build from June 5th until the NCCAA National Championship meet.

Phase 4 - is a competitive season phase; it allows for a 2 week taper/peak that involves only one quality session per week during the two biggest meets of our season.

Phase 3 - is the most stressful phase, with a focus on longer intervals. This is where I will take the tempo runs and threshold runs that I learned about from Terry Jessup to put in good quality sessions. During this phase there will be 3 quality days with one of the quality days most likely being a race.

Phase 2 - is an introduction to quality workouts. I like to use fartleks and will really depend on fartleks and hill sessions during this phase. There will be any where between 2 or 3 quality days per week.

Phase 1 - is our base phase that we start up June 5th. It's a building phase in which we hit or come close to our seasonal peak mileage.

Optimally I would like to be a higher mileage program in which my ladies are able to handle a little more mileage with a little intensity. During phase 2 I will not be focusing on stressing the runners to the maximum. I just want to introduce faster running with longer recoveries. Again, a staple workout will be 6 weeks of hill sessions, progressing from 15 minutes to 20 minutes and then back down; 15 min., 18 min., 20 min., 18 min., 15 min.

I'll keep an updated blog on how this program goes for the xc season. It is the goal that this cross country program will transition us into a successful Indoor Track season, with the added base and strength.

a tribute to the greatest ever

it's recently come to my attention that one of my biggest heroes has retired from the sport of competitive running. Hichem El Gerrouj, who is the king of the mile, the greatest distance runner to ever breath has decided that his fire for competing has been extinguished and will now live with his wife and children and not take on the rigors of the sport any longer.

I think most of us remember El G as the 1500/mile dominator that couldn't win the Olympic Gold. He was outkicked in 2000 by Noah Ngeny and had the crushing fall in 1996; but in between he set the world record, never lost a race and established himself as a true class act.

Finally though, redemption would be his in the 2004 Olympics with his historic double in the 1500 meters and 5000 meters. In my very humble opinion the 5000 meters victory was much sweeter than the 1500 meters.

Hands down he was the best 1500 meter runner in the field, but to win the 5000 meters which isn't even his distance over the supreme talents of Bekele and Kipchoge.

Hands down the finest career in competitive running.


Chilling in Hull for a few more days.
Ran 30 minutes this morning.
Finally felt good.

This one is for EL G

Sunday, May 21, 2006


watched the adidas track classic today and must say i was pretty disappointed. not in webb or lagat (both are my homeboys) because lagat ran an amazingly fast 1500 and webb just had an off day, we all have them.

i'm disappointed in the fact that i wasn't more "hype" about this meet and getting to watch it on television. i suddenly felt very small in the world of running and track and field. i could speak the lengo with the commentators (they aren't very good or very educated) and i could figure splits, etc...

but looking at those guys and at their times, their bodies, their maturity in the sport, i felt out of place...if i'm going to be an olympian which is my ultimate goal then i'm going to have to run (by london) sub 13 minutes in the 5k, sub 27 minutes in the 10k, and probably 2:06-2:07 ish in the marathon...

see, the thing is, i never felt like i looked like a track star, or a runner...this past week, i went into the weight room to my core work after my runs and there are mirrors surrounding you while you are in there, and two days out of four i thought to myself, "Jake, you look like you could pull this off..." but on two other days, I didn't think i looked like i was a runner...i just looked sweaty and skinny...

my point that the cards haven't been dealt in my favor. genetics are seriously against me. natural talent is seriously against me...and staying healthy and being healthy is seriously against me...

but i know that when i do get to train, i train harder than don't think i'm giving up...i'm just letting you know that after today i see what i need to do...


ran 30 minutes this morning...

Friday, May 19, 2006

heaven forbid

4 days until my much deserved vacation. i cannot wait to see hull, tx. don't know what is going down, but i'm sure that it'll be fun.

"let's rearrange..."

ran 20 minutes this morning, plus core and pullups and dips.
still dont feel like i'm in shape.
who knows though.


have a meeting with a financial consultant at 3:30 and then i'm going home to take a nap...then will probaby eat, rent a movie, clean, etc.

free weekend, want to do something?


"she's on my mind..."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

turn and run...

Life evaluation @ 23...

I'm taking a trip May 22nd utnil May 31st. I'm going home to Hull Texas. I need to see my friends and my family and I need to just get away and take a step back and evaluate for a bit.

Today @ chapel, John Adams said how every year around his birthday he steps back and surveys his life up to that point. Sort of taking an inventory.

That is what my trip is; a step back. I'm going to go home with some questions in my head and frustrations on my mind and I'm going to see if I cannot work them out on that front porch...


Bought "the fray"'s good. trust me.


@ 23 i've lived one helluva life. i got good friends. i got good family. it just seems that i'm standing still waiting for life to fall complaints though. like i said, life is too good at all times to complain...complaining makes it mediocre...and no one wants to live a mediocre life...

she's on my mind...

i never knew that everything was falling through...that everyone i knew was waiting on a cue...

twenty minutes again. i feel lazy. i feel like a bum who runs 20 minutes a day and thinks he's gotten his cardio in...or something. if i want to be truly successful, i have to get 100 per cent healthy first and that's what i am doing, i'm resisting the temptation to push it right now...

today was odd. in fact, i felt like i couldn't handle my job. i nearly cried. but i'm stronger than that and got some cajones and told a coach what i felt and let him know that i wouldn't stand for i did that. and i don't know what next year entails, but suddenly, i'm becoming a part of the past...


going to start a story tonight, so be prepared those that actually read...


i love the summer time by the way.

"i wish you were a stranger..."

something is happening to me right now that hasn't happened in a while. can't say what it is though, at least not now any ways.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


dan is already running a ton of miles...maybe 100 next week. i figure he's got a score to settle with himself. i sure have got one to settle with wayland baptist, angelo state, and college of the southwest...our guys should be decent next year. if everyone works. the goal is to steadily improve. you have got to believe in your own program if your athletes are going to...i believe.

dan sarcastically remarked that i should make a book, called, fighting with the patriots, sort of mocking the running with the buffaloes book by chris lear.


Monday, May 15, 2006

summer is here

not really in the sense that it's august, or that it's 100 degrees, but in the sense that everyone is gone, and i'm in an office with a lot to do, just no motivation to do it.

trust me, it won't last long, but just the laziness that summer brings is beginning to set in. and the fact that i can't use all of my free time to run stinks; but at the same time, maybe the relaxation will keep me healthy for a bit longer this year???


just to rant about this weekend; i really appreciated alexia's gesture to let me stay in her apartment, but the fact that she couldn't stay there with me and her and her bf's argument really made me feel like i had intruded. sorry if you read this, though i know you do not.

also, why does texas have to have such fickle weather? friday morning i was in a wind breaker only to be sweating profusely by 11 a.m. on saturday morning????

i just realized that memorial day is coming up. i should probably try to go out and hobble my way to defending my memorial day 5k run championship...


it stinks when it's nobody's fault...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

austin, tx, a hot weekend, and a swan song

so i got in from austin last night around 2:30 a.m. i suppose that was actually this morning, but who really cares right? i do know that it was a worthwhile weekend. i got to see alexia on thursday night, which is always a good thing. i also got to hang with eric wyatt and amie morton.

the majority of the meet i sat with terry jessup trying to soak up as much knowledge as i could get. unfortunately as much knowledge as he was giving, i couldn't keep it all in and what i did, just left me with more questions.

i do know that i've got certain goals i want to achieve and this weekend was the first time that terry actually acknowledged that i could achieve them. usually he just tells me that i need to "follow the schedule" and "relax".

i think this weekend was sort of a sending off for morton. she's going to nacogdoches. it was fun training her and i think i'll still be training her in the very near future.

now i'm turning my training thoughts to my incoming freshmen and returning runners.


highlights of the state meet:
betzy jiminez totally dominated with a 1mile, 2mile double.
loren hodges doubled in the 800/1mile
catherine loden set a state record in the 2mile
nichole jones showed why she's at the head of the class in texas distance running
jillian rosen put her self on the map

Thursday, May 11, 2006

congratulating a national champion

Cory Welch, Katie Noss, and Jacob Phillips. 2006 NCCAA National Championships, Upland Indiana.

the boys

Taylor Brown, myself, Cory Welch, and Eric Wyatt chilling on a steeple chase hurdle watching the men's javelin throw at the NCCAA Championships, hosted by Taylor University on May 4th. Taylor would lead off the men's 2 mile relay with a 2:03 clocking and personal best. I coached Katie Noss to a National Championship that weekend. Cory ran 5th in the 5k, tying his personal best of 15:37. Eric Wyatt anchored our 2 mile relay and helped save us...

picture taken by 2006 5k National Champion, Katie Noss

i guess we all got our reasons

Leaving for Austin in a few hours. It might be my new favorite "city" in Texas. Ran for 15:43 this morning. Nice effort, not hard, not slow. Maybe I'm on the way back. We'll see.

Definitely am not fast at this moment. But that is okay for the time being.


Last time I was in Austin I had one of the most enjoyable runs of my young life. Around campus, 30 minutes easy. Turns out that it was probably the ruin of my running for the season. It was a time I should have taken off.


I don't care what anyone says or thinks; this is what I think:
  • I think that Dan can beat Rono in cross country and in track.
  • I think I can coach two different ladies to the Olympics. One in the 5k, one in the marathon or 10,000.
  • I think I'll run in the Olympics, I just dont know in what event yet.
  • I think my guys team will surpass any before it next year. That is a team minus cory and myself.
  • I think that Pat Green didn't sell out and his music makes me feel good.


my dad has the unique ability to say whatever he wants to whomever he wants and not be ashamed at all about it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

all the roads that lead us there are winding

ran 15 minutes last night. no pain.
ran 12:48 hard, then cooled down until 15 minutes.
felt okay. still think i'm thinking too much about my injury.
going for 15 minutes easy today, see how that goes.


there are so many things that i'd like to say, but can't remember what any of them are. slips my memory so fast. i do know that i hate goodbyes. they aren't good for anything at all. salinger said it best, "dont ever tell anyone anything or you'll start to miss them..."


i think that ryan adam's version of wonderwall is better than oasis'.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

runner/self evaluation

With in the next week I'll be working on a runner/self evaluation. I realized this weekend, here at the NCCAA Championships that I have a lot of work to do to get to where I would like to be as a runner.

When people ask me why I still train, the only thing I can think to do is say, "you wouldn't believe me."

By the way, Katie Noss is the new NCCAA 5000 meter champion and 3rd place finisher in the women's 1500 meters. She ran a smart, conservative race. At the Championships it isn't about fast times (which she ran) but it's about winning, and that's what she did. She can easily run sub 17 for 5k, just didn't have to today...:)


Summary of workouts of the weekend:

12 minute a.m. run
30 minutes cycling p.m.
hip flexor drills
tons of push ups

17 minutes cycle a.m. (hard effort)
30 minutes cycle p.m. (hard effort again)
3 x 10 slow push ups
3 x 100 bike kicks

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gas City Indiana

Saw the Chiropractor yesterday. Dr. Hodge. Figured some things out. Didn't figure some things out.

Nonetheless he gave me the green light to run.
I ran 12 minutes last night.
Did hip flexor drills.

10 minutes of running
20 minutes of hard cycling
hip flexor drills
3 x 8 pull ups
3 x 8 dips
3 x 15 calf raises
lower abdominal drills


flying out to Gas City Indiana this afternoon. Pretty excited about it. Probably my third favorite town in America, behind Hull, TX and Flagstaff, AZ...a weekend of track championships, coffee shopping...cracker barrelling...and spade playing...

prodigious wyatt's birthday is today. hopefully that'll convert to him running a fast 800 meter leg on the 2 mile relay.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

high altitude


30 minutes cycling
{4 min. w/up,
22 min. alternating
breathing cycles,
4 min. c/down}

Breathing Cycles: 3 minutes of 10 seconds no breathing, 10 seconds breathing regularly, 1 minute recovery breathing.

Strength Training:
{2 x 15 calf raises + 10 push ups} x 3
{100 flutter kicks + 45 seconds tv watching} x 2

Hip flexor drills


To do list:
make and mail out summer packets
figure out Katie's full year of training for next year
make half marathon plans for those that want them


track talk:
Alan Webb ran phenomenal 10k.
Ritz ran well as well.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

cross training

Hi. Sorry it's been such a while since my last post. I've deprived myself of the internet at home and have been entirely too busy at work to post. Not much is going on in the running world for me. I'm hurt again, which this time doesn't seem so serious, yet it's a worse pain than the fractures.

I'll take this month off, get stronger, and then ease my way back into my plan. Got to be positive you know? This is a time to get stronger and to rest the legs.

We leave for Nationals Thursday. Should be an exciting trip. I hope anyways.