Thursday, April 27, 2006

there's no one laughing...

2 more weeks. less than that really. two days until rice, another week until we leave for nationals, and then i get to go to the state meet which happens to be in my second favorite town in texas, AUSTIN!!! we all know hull ranks as number one.

i guess things are on the up. i realized how far away from my goals/dreams i am. but that's okay, we take what life gives us and we adjust. nothing major, just a slight change here, a little tinkering there, and we'll be least i hope we'll be fine...

i'm going for a walk in a bit.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The team is back!!!

So today I didn't run. And tomorrow I will not either. I'm going to get healed, so that I can start up with my old coach! That's right!

My confidence is back (though I've done nothing to get it back) and a plan is in the process...and now, I just have to be healthy enough to go through with it.

It's good to be back!


I've missed 10 days of running. Yesterday I was going to start back, hopefully get in a full week of 20-30 minute runs and ease my way back before starting "training" again. I made it 2 minutes and 54 seconds before my IT Band started feeling sore. I stopped, walked, and called it a day.

I'm now going to take the rest of the week and hopefully let heal what ever is wrong with me.

emily field ran 16:08 for 5k saturday. that's pretty impressive.
katie is going for the national championship in the 5k/1500 meters at nationals.

Friday, April 21, 2006

we're all going to die anyways

Hootie and the Blowfish have this new song called, "State Your Peace"'s pretty good, and it's extremely motivating, especially when you feel like the world is collapsing on top of you. But that is all beside the point.

I remember reading an article about Bob Kennedy (which I'm really not a fan of anyways) and how he said that every year after his "season" was over he'd just sort of take some time off from running, nothing planned out as far as a length of the break, he'd just start "training" again when he felt the burn and felt re-charged.

When I first read this, I thought, "stupid, why wait and waste valuable training time..." But then I thought, well he is an American Record Holder, and he did place 6th in the '96 Olympics and etc., etc., etc...

After the injuries started riddling me the last few weeks, I've decided to take off at least a week. Yesterday was that week. Last night I got the itch to run hard again, but I digressed. I'm giving it at least this weekend, because I'm feeling the burn and I'm feeling re-charged, but I want to spit fire and I wan't sneeze electricity, if you get what I am saying.


Next phase of my running life: preparation for the us xc championships in february

Summer: "Marathon" training. This is what Lydiard called his base training. He said you had to get to 100 miles, but I haven't been able to do that and stay healthy. I'm going to work to hold between 85 and 95.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

maybe it's my fault.

what a year? i got the job i dreamt about. i finally started running faster and training better. i helped make some people fast. and i've basically run myself into the ground, without necessarily running, if you get what i am saying.

i made a lot of mistakes this year. one was putting katie in the 5k at san angelo, it was the first time she ever raced the distance on the track and it just happened to be the hottest day of the year. that was my fault and the debacle that followed i take full responsibility over. so i guess in a way i'm apologizing for that. two was letting a season go on that i shouldn't have. i guess actually two seasons i should have shut down. i won't mention any names but one came in cross country and the other is happening right now. i'm apologizing for that too.

i'm learning so much. it's scary. a whole lot of growing to do. growing up, not down.

i'm putting things in perspective. what do i love? who do i love? etc.

to be young and to have the entire world in front of you is a great feeling, but to be aging and to actually be in it, the world, it's not such a great feeling. this place is real and you are responsible for your actions.

tomorrow makes a full week that i've been off from running. maybe another week? i might not run again until morton can...

Time Trial Today:
Cory - 1.5 miles - 7:16 - goal pace - 4:40
Katie - 600 meters - 1:43 - goal pace - 70's
Amy B - 600 meters - 1:47 - goal pace - 70's
Christina - 600 meters - 2:05 - goal pace - 80's
Eric - 600 meters - 1:33 - goal pace - 60's
Matt - 600 meters - 1:36 - goal pace - 60's
Taylor - 600 meters - 1:29 - goal pace - 60's
Dan - 600 meters - 1:27 - goal pace - 60's

Monday, April 17, 2006


a lot has gone on since i last posted. this might be long and it definitely will not be organized.

i am taking a break from running to heal myself mentally and physically. i'm not really too concerned with my mentality, i really am ready to train and to race, i just have to get over not being able to right now. i really dislike sitting down and watching others run when i cannot. physically my body just started to break down. it's something similar to what happened this summer when i was attempting the "100 miles"...

i had a nagging hamstring problem, followed by a nagging it band problem. now i'm just on the sidelines watching it all go down. probably best though. i'm going to give it a minimum of a week and then see how my body is feeling before getting into some base training.

i did a lot of thinking this weekend about my running. see, not being able to run, forced me outside to take long walks. and during these walks, all you can do is think/talk to yourself. so that's what i did.

when i first started training under gabe i really started to develop. in the most simplest of terms i went from running slow to running faster and i went from running a little to running more. gabe explained it like this, "if you want to get better at shooting free throws, you shoot more free throws, the same is with running, if you want to run better, run more." so that's what we began to do.

the only problems i encountered were injuries and that had nothing to do with gabe or the type of training i was doing, it was that i trained dumb as far as easy/hard days and i wasn't eating very much.

once i got out of collegiate running (which i was horrible at) and started training on my own here in dallas, i joined the luke's group to have a stable training environment/group. i began running with duncan cragg and a few other locals. mainly i was coached/advised by duncan and terry jessup. i followed these guys schedule during the fall and winter and really began running well. in fact, i set a personal best in every race i ran.

but again injury has resurfaced and i'm not sure i fit their program. to me, i never feel like i'm hitting the mileage i should be hitting to be successful. we have 3-4 quality days per week, and my favorite run is the sunday morning long run mixed in with a small pick up, but from this spring i realized my body doesn't hold up doing all the track work.

the catch is, i wasn't used to this sort of training, and thus my body hasn't adapted yet. i'm sure next year, i could be much more smart with it and really hammer out those workouts, but this year, i think it was too much too soon.

another concern i have is what they train us for. it's a high school program (more like college), and so, when i'm training for outside races that aren't peaking in may, i'm really following a schedule that could (major emphasis on could) put me at a disadvantage.

my main concern for next year is running the US XC Championships in Boulder, Colorado. all i want to do is run 5 minute pace for 12k. running that pace wouuld put me at 37:16 and finishing 35th which in my opinion would be a great start. 5 minute pace might actually be easier than i think by february of next year. if that's the case, i'll change my goals accordingly.

now the question is: how to get there? i've thought of designing my own plan, sending it to gabe and dr. jack daniels and letting them disect it. i've thought of staying with terry and duncan. so right now, i just don't know which direction i'm heading.

but i do have a goal race and there are sub goal races lined up.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

fix you

my it band/knee hurt. should not have done the workout yesterday afternoon.

details of the workout:
(modified it)
2 x {4 x 400 meters} w/ 30 seconds rest between intervals, one lap walk recovery between sets.

set 1:
64.01, 64.96, 64.32, 64.99

set 2:
64.87, 64.23, 64.99, 64.51

overall, the workout was way too hard on me when it should not have been. my turnover was horrible and i wasn't running fast. bottom line, i should have put this workout off.

caitlin chock:
where is she?
what is she doing?
is she over her eating troubles?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


So this morning was supposed to be another hard workout: 2 x {6 x 400 meters} with 45 seconds between each interval. I jogged down to the track, and then continued on jogging for another 8 minutes or so, for about a 13 minute warm up.

The entire time my it band/knee felt weak in my left leg, and so never having any problems at all with this, I just continued warming up, hoping it would loosen up and the pain would subside.

It didn't. I proceeded to stretch and pray, and then lace up my brooks t4 racers, hoping that the work out could be done.

The old Jake would have done the workout, even in pain, risking his running career (overexaggertion) for the workout. But not the new Jake. I'm tired of missing considerable time in training, so I did one stride to test out the leg once more and decided that the workout could be put off until tomorrow or Thursday.

I went back to my section on the track where I stretch/change and did a killer abdominal workout, and then some hard core push ups, stretched a little more, changed back into my trainers, and walked back home. I also got in an ice bath at 7:30 this morning in the training room. Thank God for me being coach. I have access to these types of things.

Sunday on our long run I was telling Duncan about the 10K in Tyler that I was going to run before the Texas Relays came about. I said, "The winning time was only 33:57." Duncan responded with, "You think you can run that?" As if I cannot.

Thus I pounded out 10 miles in under 60 minutes!

Plans for the next three weeks:
Number one goal is to race the 1500 meters at the Rice University Twilight Meet on April 29th. I've gotten in all of my good workouts, just lacked some distance work last week. So hopefully I'm ready to run fast.

I will get in my 400 meters workout sometime this week, (next two days) and then run an 800 meter time trial on Saturday at the track in Daisetta. Hopefully the 800 will let me know where I stand on running a fast 1500 and it'll allow me to go through the 800 in around 2:05 and not feel HORRIBLE being I've already been there!

Next week I'll keep training hard, and then the third week I'll get in my usual fartlek and then 6 x 200 meters all out with full recovery for a final sharpener.

Don't know what is expected, but I got plans!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

and i'm back?

weird things happen to weird people.

i haven't been able to complete more than a 30 minute jog for the last week and this morning i run sub 60 for 10 miles?

make that 62:37 for 10.5 miles!

and then finished off with a good cool down to bring my total run to 85 minutes and change!

it was weird because i was just going to jog with duncan and greg this morning but felt extremely good, and then decided that they were going too slow so i steadily dropped the pace until i was flying around 46 minutes.

felt good. have a nice run tomorrow and then a workout on tuesday.

2006 texas relays and my first experience

went pretty good.

katie placed 6th in the 1500 meters. ran a slow time, but it was hot/humid/tactical. she lead the whole thing to get beat in the last 350 meters. we're going to start working on her kick. and just overall grind.

amie placed 5th in the 5000 meters. she ran a slow time as well, but we found out that the temps were in the nineties. but she was sitting in the last place pack and then all of the sudden dropped an 80 second lap from a 86 second lap and moved into the contending pack. she just didn't have enough time to make up the full gap. afterwards she claims she could have won the race!

the dmr had an off day, but still set a pr. we're still looking for that day that all of my ladies run their best. just didn't happen saturday. it's okay though.

loved austin. loved the weekend. can't say enough good things about it. i will say that the days inn north is a horrible place to stay though.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

what's going on in your head?

Two people in the community of Grand Prairie call me coach. That is all that they know me by. One is a woman who walks the track every morning at 6:30 a.m. and sees us out practicing. She doesn't say much, just one day asked if I were the coach of the kids running around. I answered yes. Now everyday before she leaves the track she yells, "coach! you have a blessed day." The other is a woman by the name of mary that works at the Valero Gas Station on Belt Line Road where I get most of my gas. One morning in the summer she saw my tee shirt that said Dallas Baptist University Track and Field and asked if I ran. I said, yes, but now I am the coach. Every time I enter the gas station she says, "good morning coach!"


Texas Relays
Austin, Tx
April 5th through 8th

Wednesday, April 5th
6:30 P.M.
Katie Noss - 1500 Meters

Thursday, April 6th
5:30 P.M.
Amie Morton - 5000 Meters

Saturday, April 8th
1:05 P.M.
Women's DMR
(Noss, Hoskins, Bracewell, Morton)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

a day off?

so we got in from missouri southern state university this morning at 5:30 a.m. Should have been 4:30 but the time change did us in. Not to mention the 2 hour rain/storm delay at the meet. but it was a good trip regardless.

just a short summation: amie morton ran 17:28 in her return to the 5k. She won by about a minute. dominated. cory pr'ed with a 15:37, and felt horrible. so that's gotta be considered a success. taylor ran fast on only a week's worth of training. that's good news.

so on to today and my running. i finally got in the workout on thursday night and ran on the mssu cross country course friday afternoon before morton's race. on saturday morning i woke up and ran through joplin, missouri and some small village that turned out to be pretty nice.

but i ran i think too hard on the hills, forcing my hamstring to start aching a little. and matched with the 5:30 a.m. arrival this morning, I decided to take an off day. i'm only going to race once or so more, so I'll start what i consider a "mini" peak for my last race and then i'll transition into my next stage of training. too bad i won't get in a 1500 like gabe and dan say i should. maybe i'd roll?

so here's the good news. my ladies qualified for the texas relays. katie in the 1500, amie in the 5k, and my women's dmr. we're going to be in austin, running like no other!

see you all there.