Thursday, March 30, 2006

cut from the team...

so forget anything i wrote this morning. i pulled off my workout. better than last week's.
warmed up real well, thinking that it'd be the only way my hammy would allow me to run tonight. so i went for 17 minutes before stretching and then starting the workout.

8 x 2 mintues on, 1 minute off. i ran faster this time than last time. which is a good thing? i suppose. we'll see how i feel in the morning. it's just that my quality days are really important right now.

running a 10k in a week. maybe a 1500 meters at mcmurry. just not sure if anyone there will be able to push me to the sort of time i want to run.

we'll see.

i have a thought on the race from last weekend:
i should have went at lap 5. i should have tried to put 20-30 meters on everyone and then say, "come and get me."

to bad i didn't.

spoke with dr. jack daniels today. he's been giving me insight all year on coaching my athletes. today i talked to him about me.
it was a very positive conversation.


sitting out today. at least until tonight.

really hurt my hamstring yesterday. i need a good lesson in moderation. or maybe this was the lesson?

ran entirely too much past few days.

sunday - 13 miles, hard effort
monday - 5 miles, skipped night run because of sickness
tuesday - 2 mi. w/up, 2 x {6 x 400 meters}, mi. c/down, 8 miles afternoon (14 total)
wednesday - 8 mi. A.M., 6 miles P.M.

it's not really running too's running too much on recovery days. regardless, yesterday on my P.M. run, my left hamstring started cramping up. i took an ice bath and heated it, but i woke this morning unable to run. it hurts to sit on it.

i can always do this workout saturday morning.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


my legs are tired. and so this morning i enjoyed a 53 minute run with hurley. i think it's weird that i just don't go on for an hour? right?

i've got a fartlek tomorrow. i'm bypassing the track workout for the fartlek. i like fartlek's, they give me confidence. and what i need right now is confidence after my sub par performance at baylor.


i don't like recruiting. it's a tough part of a tough game. i'm not sure i have the soul for it. each day it's a struggle to keep my sanity and make sure i don't roll over and have a heart attack.


i've been drinking powerade like no other. and i disregard anything that prefontaine did or said.

please quit quoting him. really, it's over used and over rated.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

dang i'm tired...

...but that's okay.
sorry if i have been posting too frequently.
2 x {6 x 400 meters}
Goal pace: 2 seconds faster than mile pace.
(Example: 4:40 mile = 70 seconds => 68 second goal pace.)
45 seconds recovery between repeats.
5 minutes (or one lap walked around the track) between sets.
I moved my recovery time down to 30 seconds for the 2nd set.
66.24, 63.96, 64.51, 64.84, 64.13, 64.76
65.38, 64.96, 64.79, 65.68, 66.08, 66.21
Pretty disappointed in this workout. Seems I haven't been able to run as fast as I want. It isn't that big of a deal, I just really want to start taking my workouts much more seriously and running them faster. I suppose I averaged around 65's with little rest. But I figure I'm in better than 4:20 mile shape???
My hamstrings hurt horribly the past two days, and so warming up was key for this workout. Didn't help much, but I'm not sure they really had anything to do with me not hanging around 63's like I had wanted. This afternoon and tomorrow are just distance runs and Thursday will be a fartlek.
We'll see.

Monday, March 27, 2006

shout out to my boy joe!

steve jones.

i just would like to say that i do not like, agree with, or support john the penguin bingham. he writes a monthly column for runner's world and usually is telling people to walk, or jog, or do something other than push themselves to the limit. so it was a surprise to see that he was writing about steve jones a few months back.

jones ran all out. he held the world record in the marathon in 1984 with a 2:08:05, and he is still the British World Record holder for the distance.

But the story is about some conference that Jones and the Penguin spoke at together. Jones was asked what the difference between winning a marathon and setting the world record was.

Jones replied, "To break the world record you must train with a singleness of purpose. These are no crosstraining sessions, easy days, or cutback weeks. You find your limit, then push against it--every day of your life."

You find your limit and then push against it, every day of your life.

strong enough

Since Saturday I've been running the race over and over in my mind. I stunk it up pretty badly. I'll admit that. I remember going through the mile and feeling as if I was going to walk away with a huge PR and a victory over the Baylor guys. Then within 600 meters my world (the race) crashed.

I made a pretty stupid move that cost me about 5 meters that I never recovered. In fact, I went backwards.

What to do about it?
  1. Be patient.
  2. Take my workouts more seriously.
  3. Ice like no other.
  4. Race smarter, which will result in faster.

I have a 10k on tap in two weeks in Tyler, TX. The past results show that it hasn't been competitive as far as times go. It was won by a 35.xx and 36.xx the past two years. It'll be downhill, which should make it faster, but I need a PR.

Tomorrow I've got a workout on schedule. Hopefully the legs will be recovered by then.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

the great debate...

I've got so much to update here. Yesterday was the Baylor Bear Dr. Pepper Invitational in which I ran in my first track race in two years! I partook in the 3000 meters with a top field including Kip Kangogo (TCU/BYU), Nicodemus (Abilene Christian/D2 athlete of the year), several other ACU imports, and two Baylor stand outs.

First off, the day was entirely too long and I'll never race at a meet in which my own team is competing again. It forces me to be selfish and it puts me in a great position to fail twice; as a coach and as an athlete. I woke at 4:30 a.m. and did not run until 4:30 p.m.

Regardless, I made it to the line in my new FAOK jersey and Asics Japan Spikes...and was placed on the second row as there were 30 + in our race!!!

The gun goes off and I run the first 400 meters in lane 3, but I refused to let the lead pack get out and get away from me early. I hung on to the top 5 -6 guys for 5 1/2 laps and then faded on the 6th. With about 800 meters to go I fell apart badly and struggled to finish in a respectable time. FAILURE. I crossed in 8:49, getting passed in the last 200 meters to a nobody from angelo state. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, I'm still a nobody.

But the race was good. I ran hard and I wasn't scared of the front runners. I gave them what I had and one of two better moves on my part and I wouldn't have hung much longer, I hope!

Splits were as follows:
68, 69, 68, 68, 70, 74, 74, 37 (most of these were high)

Some positives: I ran 68's pretty comfortable through the mile. I held 74 pace horribly through the last 2 1/2 laps...:) I'll get them next time!

7th or 8th overall. not bad.


So this morning I make the drive to whiterock lake and norbuck part to do our weekly long run. usually it's duncan, myself, and then either mike hummel, or just one other person; habben. this morning, there was a full group of us raring to go.

The lineup included: myself, duncan cragg, ALLISTAR CRAGG, mike hummel, ANDREW COOK, greg courtright, and a few others. Needless to say, there were way to many ego's and this all after a huge day of racing for myself, duncan, and mike.

We ran 5:30-5:35's around the lake and then did a 20 minute pick up session. I only lasted about 12 minutes of the pickup. But a small victory can be won because only duncan and andrew cook made it farther!

But the great debate: Allistar makes a surprise appearance this morning and jogs up in his adidas gear and arkansas baseball cap. He's just needing a recovery type of run and wants to sit on the back of us. So he's running along, not saying anything at all, just taking in a group of runners with a weird sense of humor.

At 47 minutes he decided to join the group and speak for the first time all morning. He says, in a very funny accent, "The great debate! Do you lose weight faster running 10 miles in 54 minutes or 10 miles in 64 minutes?"

Everyone gives there opinion, but the last opinion comes from Mike Hummel who weighs about 190 pounds, "64 mintues bro, you burn more glycogen from slow running. You burn more calories from...."

Then Allistar gets excited, "Why the hell would you lose more weight running 10 bloody minutes slower? It makes no sense. Remember, you're already holding 80 plus miles per week, so your calories are probably right where they need to be. It makes more sense to get your heart rate up and run faster and thus burn more weight."

The all star had spoken, the debate was solved; regardless of science and proof, if anyone ever asks me which way you lose weight faster, i'm answering 54 minutes hard!

Friday, March 24, 2006

me and the irish man

Last night I logged onto my aim account (fakealake for any of you who want to add me) and started speaking to Luke Watson, former All-American from Notre Dame University. We were speaking on training, being elite, racing, and coaching. Like myself, he has a desire to coach, and to coach at the collegiate level.

At first I was asking him about his training and we were talking about certain races and then he says, "we should talk about coaching." Thus something I could give some honest input into, since I've been doing it, at a level he wants to do it at. It was a very interesting conversation and probably the best I've had in a quite some time about just the general sport of competitive running.

We also discussed each of our future's in the sport as athletes. He believes I'm suited for the Marathon, just by hearing of my PR's and training history. We'll see.


UCLA vs Gonzaga and Texas vs West Virginia
Probably two of the best games of the year, by far. First with one of my favorite teams, the UCLA Bruins defeating Gonzaga after being down by 17 in the first half! They never led, until they took the lead to win the game! Jordan Farmar and Cedric Bozeman played phenomenal defense and this was actually the first time I had the chance to see Adam Morrison play and realized that he's got such great numbers because he plays in a bogus conference. He couldn't control the game at the end and when it came down for him to make a shot, he couldn't. Then he began to cry before it was over. I've got UCLA losing to UConn in the championship game by the way.

With Texas v West Virginia, I really just wanted to see West Virginia get beaten. I don't dislike Texas and I don't necessarily love them, but I definitely do not like West Virginia. They don't play the game the way it should and I think they want everyone to think they don't know how to play ball. Make sense? Anyhow, 10 seconds left Pittsnogle of WV hits a three to tie it. 5 seconds left, PJ Tucker inbounds the ball, Gibson takes it across the court, hits Paulino for a three at the buzzer. BALL GAME.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Why is it so cold in Dallas right now? It was 37 degrees at 6:15 this morning for our practice.


We did a small fartlek, just to find some rhythm for this weekend. I had 200's planned but realized that my athletes don't need speed and sharpening, they need to run, and they need to learn to run hard. So that was the purpose of the workout.

So I got in a 20 minute warm up, then did 8 x 2 minutes tempo pace, 1 minute easy pace, and finished with a mile cool down. It went well and it gave me a ton of confidence for this weekend. Who knows though? I felt good, and felt fast.

Right now everyone is in high debate over where Vincent Young falls in this draft. It was expected that he would be the 3rd pick to the Tennessee Titans, with Bush going 1 to Houston, and Leinhart going 2 to New Orleans. Now New Orleans got Drew Brees via free agency and so don't have a need at the quarterback position, pushing Leinhart (hypothetically) to the Titans at 3, and thus leaving Young's drafting position in question. As of right now, Young should be either the 1, 2, or 3 pick, he's that good and he's deserved of that. The problem is, there aren't any QB needs within the top 7 picks (aside from Tennessee) since the Raiders at 7 just took Aaron Brooks, via free agency.

Honestly, Young shouldn't fall past 10, where the Arizona Cardinals are waiting. The Cardinals just lost young and talented quarterback Josh McCown and could use another QB with returning starter Kurt Warner on the opposite end of a brilliant career. This would give Young a season to sit back and learn and it also gives him a key player to protect him, with Edgerrin James just signing with Arizona only a few days ago. You would also have to remember the weapons and speed the Cardinals have at receiver with Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, and Bryant Johnson.

If Young would fall past the Cardinals he would certainly be grabbed by the St. Louis Rams who are going into 2006 with Mark Bulger who is injury prone and unproven Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick. That would be another situation where Young could learn the ropes and then have Stephen Jackson/Marshall Faulk to hand off to and one of the games best receiving corps to throw to.

My personal hope is that Young is taken by the Cardinals, setting up an explosion on offense in 2007 when you could possibly see this line up, in their prime:
QB Vincent Young
TB Edgerrin James
WR Larry Fitzgerald
WR Anquan Boldin
WR Bryant Johnson

Oh what we would be saying about Dennis Green!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It is cold in Dallas. I ran 45 minutes this morning. The first 6 miles I covered in 35:36, which means that I ran 5:56 (?) for 6 miles, and then cooled down for the last 9-10 minutes. I probably got in 7.5 miles.

I'll get in another run later this afternoon. Got to keep the shins healthy for my race this weekend. We'll see.

D2 sucks! I have the 2nd ranked lady in the 3000 Meters in D2 and she might not compete at Nationals if we don't hit our numbers. I guess that is my fault. I had 16 girls. I just ran them off.

On another note, I spoke with Damon Martin for 20 minutes this morning on building a program and sticking with it. He's the head guy at Adams State, one of the top programs in the country, D2 or not. Most years he can beat most D1 programs. Distance Oriented. Left me inspired?

If I were the GM of the New York Knicks and I landed the #1 pick in the draft, this is what I would do:
I would first draft Rudy Gay out of UConn. He's the best player in the NCAA and is the best "pro" candidate. That means I've got my Small Forward. I would move Eddy Curry to Power Forward, as I do not believe he is a Center. I would keep around (F/C) David Lee, (F/C) Channing Frye, (G) Nate Robinson, and (G) Jamal Crawford for solid contributions off of the bench, with Crawford being my top 6th man. I would keep Stephon Marbury and Jalen Rose, and those two would comprise my backcourt. I would package a deal sending Steve Francis, Quentin Richardson, and my second round pick to Toronto for Chris Bosh. I would throw in Maurice Taylor and Malik Rose for Charlie Villanueava (sp.). Thus leaving a starting squad of:
PG Stephon Marbury
SG Jalen Rose
SF Rudy Gay
PF Eddy Curry
C Chris Bosh

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

D Day

Today is D Day. For various reasons.

It's also Meg's birthday. Happy Birthday Megan Faith Minor!!!

Workout this morning pretty much sucked. In fact, I've decided that I am no longer doing a workout with people who do not know how to 1. warm up, and 2. cool down. So if you cannot do either of those, then you will not have the privelage of working out with me...:)

But anyways, to get to the workout; it was freezing cold, windy, and early. But we had 7-10 x 300 meters with 100 meters recovery. I wanted to run consistent throughout the workout and hit not a blazing fast clip, but something I could push to every time.

The first 4 we ran into the wind like idiots, but on the last 3 we changed it up and really started clicking off some better times, but I believe that the workout was already ruined. So, here are the splits:

50.45, 48.67, 48.12, 49.83, 44.82, 44.99, 44.05

Again I lost a lot of confidence in this workout as the 1st 4 were way too hard and the last three weren't any better. Maybe my run tonight will cure me of this horrendous workout!


Sunday, March 19, 2006

waking up maria...

From here on out, I'm considering running my girlfriend. Her name is Maria. This morning Maria and myself went for a stroll in the rain. I'm not sure I've ever run in this sort of weather. It was pelting us, a mixture of consistent mist throughout the entire run, huge drops that hurt, and sheets that made it impossible to look ahead, but regardless we finished.

The point though that I will make isn't about the run. The run was fine. The point is about my new running group/training partners and what I am learning/experiencing. This morning was a prime example. I was running with Duncan Cragg who is 32 years old and still dominating the Dallas area and has a brother named Allistar Cragg (sp.). His experiences come from his years of running, his allstar brother, and his dad who was south africa's national coach.

The other fella I was running with is Mike Hummel, former middle distance star at Texas A&M. This guy has run at Stanford, US XC Championships, etc.

The entire run we were discussing what it is I am training for. :) Hummel and Cragg, like Gabe, believe my running form/style points to me being a mid-distance runner, but my lack of strength/speed points the other way. And the fact that I can barely touch my shins (not my toes, my shins) leads me to the longer distances.

They also reminded me that I am only 22 years old (23 in a few) and have a full running life ahead of me. Gabe also mentioned this earlier in the week...

It's just about the lessons learned. Understand?

I'm also using these guys/experiences to make small life changes every day. It's about doing small stuff that will lead to bigger things. For example, these past two weeks I've focused more on stretching (good stretching) after my runs than I have in the past. Health is the key. Make it a routine and you won't even know that you are taking more time to do it right?

Nutrition: I've cooked most of my meals during the work week. I had chicken breasts, baked potatoes (sp.), brown rice, black beans, carrots, tomatoes, brocolli, and 7-grain bread. The next step is drinking water!!!!

And sleep! I've slept 8-8.5 hours every night!!!

Now if only this would all translate into my running. But that isn't the point. The point is to learn and to be patient and to take these experience and people for what they are. They are eaching helping me get to where I want to be.

or something like that...

she doesn't own a dress...

i want to type this grand story of this great run we had this morning, but i can't, it was just another day of work. we hit the grind for another long run and happened to enjoy ourselves doing it. we ran in rain, we ran in mud, we ran in cold.

when we were finished with the 12-13 miles we were supposed to run, i just walked back to my car, dried off under a bridge, and drove home. work done; a job well done.

mike hummel, duncan cragg, and myself; whiterock lake/norbuck park.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

the days go by so fast...

I just finished eating a club sandwich burrito from taco bueno and I'm sitting in my cold apartment and things aren't much better outside. I had to take today off...partly because I do not want to run in the cold and the wet, and partly because my shins have been killing me, I repeat, killing me, since Tuesday nights workout. But today hasn't sucked...I went to the Grace Prep Invitational and watched one of my top recruits seriously run the race of her life. Not bad, being she ran it in the rain and the cold.

I feel like I'm driving myself deeper and deeper into this running lifestyle. I took 3 ice baths this week, and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. In the morning I have to be at Norbuck Park at 7:30 a.m. to run with Duncan, Habben, and the Arkansas Razorbacks distance crew. For some odd reason they are in Dallas for spring break. I'm going to give Boit the race of his life tomorrow...:)

Racing in Baylor in a week to the day. 3000 Meters. Anything between 8:30 and 8:40 should be considered a success. Though if I just run well and feel good I'll probably consider that a success to, being I haven't "raced" on the track in two years.

Hoping for the best is hoping nothing happens.

good bye.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

the morning run sucked...

...this morning anyways...

i made the decision to do my 8 miler yesterday even though i felt horrible...that is what i preach, "run every day that you are supposed to, just go on feel..." yesterday i should have taken off, my legs and shins were sore from the 300's on tuesday...but i ran and managed 6:15's or so...granted, that's a lot of make up time coming back down merrifield.

so this morning i met matt for our morning workout. we did about 2.5 miles for warm up and then stretched and then took off on the tempo, 4 small loops, with the goal of increasing pace/decreasing time each loop...

i ran 13:14 for the run which is about 4k, maybe a little more, but if so, not by much, which averages out to about 5:19 per mile...which isn't good at all, being i held 5:02's for my 5k workout last thursday...!!! but i felt horrible and decided to just take it as a decent hard run and salvage what i can from the week.

next week we race!!

splits from the tempo: (4x1k loops)
3:11, 3:19, 3:21, 3:22

i just erased this workout from my memory.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

bored out of my mind...

so i'm sitting here, waiting on this kid to come into my office, but the thing is, i've been waiting since 8:45 this morning. it's not his fault, just have to wait until he is done with what it is he is doing...arghh...

i've been listening to podcast interviews on and planning the 2006 cross country season. we're going to have a "cross country retreat" or training camp...whichever you would like to call it. regardless, we will be camping out at tyler state park and running their trails/roads/hills.

i'm excited. i've got the ladies season all planned out. the only thing i need to do for the guys is decide on daily should be fine though.

we're going to have a great season. i can see our ladies having up to 4 all americans, just depending on how hard they work and how healthy we are.

i'm going on an 8 miler at 4 p.m. this afternoon on merrifield if all things go to plan.
might even watch a little baseball on campus tonight.
who knows???

20 x 300's

Kt and myself drove out to Addision, Texas and The Greenhill School to partake in a workout with some others that we normally don't get to workout with. I was getting the chance to run with some 4:20 (ish) milers and the one and only Duncan Cragg, while Kt was getting the chance to duke it out with some 5:05-5:10 milers and a few sub 11:00 2-milers...

The workout called for 20 x 300. You run a 300 and then float for 100 meters before starting again. You take a lap walk break after number 10. On the second set of 10 you are really supposed to be feeling the lactic acid, but still continue pounding it.

There was a group of 8 of us.
1st 10
49,48,49,47,47,46,48,47,46, 47
2nd 10

All in all it was a great workout. I led the way until the last two. Turnover was good, as was the fact that I didn't completely break down.

I race in Baylor in two weeks!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

hull, tx

I went to hull, texas this weekend to visit the folks and friends. It was a short lived trip and was too busy to even get out to beaumont to see my boy curtis' new place. A time will come though when i make a valient return to big money texas...

Thursday ran at Tarleton State. Ran through 5k of the 10k, and after much discussion, it seems we came through the 5k in 15:41 (ish)...not bad. felt horrible in doing so. can run a 5k faster than that, but that wasn't the point. we were doing 400 on and 200 off...too bad we didn't finish the workout...

Friday we were at Sam Houston State University where Katie ran the smartest race of her life, and Amie Morton showed that she's back. Katie let a "pretty" girl from Lamar do all the work until about 1000 meters to go and then just put on a suicidal drive for the finish. She won by like 12 seconds or something.

Saturday I ran 8 miles pretty quick, but felt horrible on Sunday and turned my usual 12-13 miler into an 11 miler with no pick ups!

I've got a 20 x 300 meters tonight. We'll see how it goes.

I also revisited Merrifield yesterday afternoon and this morning. It felt good. They've done a nice job with it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

this is your life...

Right now I'm not sure I've ever been more tired from my training...which is a good thing. I've had two really quality weeks with higher mileage. Maybe it'll lead to some faster track times. I'm frustrated with being slow.

Tomorrow is the big workout/fitness test. We'll see how it goes.


Right now I can't imagine myself not running. It's weird, in the past few months I've come across people I would have never thought would stop running, but they do. It's as if it gets too hard, or too stressful, or they aren't seeing the results that they should be seeing. Either way, I don't think you should quit. I don't think that you should give up. Some people run till the day they die, still looking to improve, and when you just quit, and when you stop using this gift, you're basically slapping those people in the face.

On another note, Hurley told me I look entirely too skinny; good. A 10k runner should be skinny.

There is no substitute for time.
25 laps of hell. here we come!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

respect pain, and then deny it...

respect pain, and then deny it...

alberto salazar said this. i was trying to live it this morning. i did 6x1000 meters. i won't lie. i came away extremely un-confident and disappointed in myself. the pain beat me this morning, and i didn't even run fast.

6x1000 meters w/ 2 minutes rest:
3:00, 2:58, 3:00, 2:55, 2:57, 2:55

The first three had me upset at the world. The second three I regrouped and tried running smoother and faster. It worked. It's confusing though, because I feel like I could sub 8:30 for 3k right now, but I barely subbed 9 for my sets of three. RIDICULOUS.

I've got to start making better decisions regarding nutrition, rest, etc...


my new running hero is dick beardsley. the book, "duel in the sun" about the '82 Boston Marathon has really opened my eyes not only to salazar and beardsley, but about the training those guys did.

this morning i woke up and felt horrible; but i know that to get where i want to get i have to push through days like today. this afternoon i am back to work (6-8 easy miles) and then tomorrow, it's another day of training.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

i faintly remember breathing...

Congratulations are in store for Gabe and Perla Rodriguez! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!


This morning I did my usual sunday morning long run with the crew: myself, duncan, greg, and habben. went for 85 minutes and change, with a 20 minute pick up. i felt horrible starting this morning and we ran faster than we usually do for the first part of the run, but i started thinking about the duel in the sun book i've been reading about salazaar and beardsley and decided i was being a pansy and immediately turned the long run into a workout.

then came the tempo part of the run...i pounded it for the first 13 minutes, proving that i'm even more fit than a week ago! it was a really good workout and it's coming off of my highest mileage week and hardest week. i did 3 extremely quality runs/workouts this week!!!

i have an excrutiating workout tuesday and then cory, myself, and maybe duncan will be doing a really interesting and suprising workout thursday!

had a really good "why do i run/what do i want from running/etc" talk with dan a couple of nights ago.
tomorrow i'll probably talk about it more on here.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

anyone have brocolli for breakfast?

I did; in the form of 90 minutes worth of running, 60 minutes of which were up and over hills and sprints. I believe that this morning with Duncan Cragg I completed the toughest workout of my young life. We did 4 circuits of hills, without stopping, they are as follows:

circuit one: sprint the hill, jog half way down, bound back up. jog recovery. 4X1 minute hard w/ 1 minute recovery.

circuit two: sprint the hill, jog half way down, bound back up. jog recovery. 16x40 seconds (up hill) w/ recovery jog down hill. Every other one is harder effort.

circuit three: sprint the hill, jog half way down, bound back up. jog recovery. 4X75 seconds hard w/ 30 seconds recovery.

circuit four: sprint the hill, jog half way down, bound back up. jog recovery. 16x30 seconds (up hill) w/ recovery jog down hill. Every other one is harder effort.

15 minute warm up and cool down. Total Time: 1:32:xx

I want to feel as if there is no one working harder than me right now. This morning I pretty much dominated the workout until we got to the last circuit and then Duncan just put it on me. My strength lacks and I can't find that gear. But it's coming.

Cory and I are actually racing next week!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the morning after...

So 24 hours after running 28 x 200 I felt horrible. My legs ache (hamstrings mainly) and my body is having a hard time moving. None the less it was back to work. We ran 8 miles recovery this morning. The show must go on. Tomorrow will be another quality day. The track team will be doing a small, but excrutiatingly hard tempo run through the loops of my subdivision, while I'll be doing hill circuits with Duncan Cragg. FUN!


Running Tidbits:
Theme -- The morning run (feel free to comment and leave your own)

1. Favorite Run: The Norbuck Park/Whiterock Lake run that I do on Sunday Mornings. It's usually about 12.5 miles and about 5-10 guys who are all just looking to get better. Makes the day feel good too, since we're done by 9 a.m.

2. Favorite Post-Morning Run event: Eating Potato and Cheese Taquito's from Whataburger. I don't necessarily believe in fast food, but just every once in a while, this is a good treat. (did this very thing this morning!)

3. First thought before Morning Run: Wow I am not recovered from yesterday. I hope whomever I'm running with is ready to start out easy.

4. Favorite Morning Run: The jog to the track before the workout. I enjoy the 4 and a half minutes it takes to get to the track before I have to deal with anyone. I also enjoy the jog back home.

5. Favorite Morning Run memory: I actually have a few. One is the first cold/wet morning of the Cross Country Season. I was just getting back into hard running and Dan and myself just dropped the hammer. At one point it was he, myself, and cory running down the straight before the hill at mountain view college and I was like, "this is training". I also remember singing john mayer songs last season during our morning runs and telling stories to Taylor and Dan.