Sunday, January 29, 2006

we're not in kansas anymore...

it was the longest bus ride i have ever taken. trust me. but we went to the university of kansas and really had a great trip over all. one of my highlights was the game of spades that kt and i played against chance rose and cory. we lost, which is an oddity in itself, but we were on me. it was fun, we don't really get to hang out as a group anymore, with the lives we have all sort of taken on, but it was good to do that again...

as for the meet, it was a blast. my women's dmr placed 2nd; my men's 7th; and amie morton ran a 5:13 mile...but charlie gruber was the meet's main attraction. he ran a 4:02 mile and had to run the last 600 or so meters by was a great performance; i'm now extremely hype about my training, which started today. but i'll get to that a little later.

mark wetmore replied to an email i had sent him. he was very encouraging and very professional with me; he's got me really wanting to continue working hard at what i am doing in trying to establish a program here at dpu as he called it...:)

my first run of this new training season began...really not a new training season, just a pick up from my 2 week hiatus from the half marathon. i did 4 -5k loops (a little longer than 5k) in 1:13:xx can't really remember. it was a good even run and had dan out there, so that was a blast. he really pushed me on my third loop which woke me up...i was glad for that...

i also saw the reebok boston indoor meet on television today. mottram and cragg are me...

tomorrow my team is going to suffer....we've got our first real "repeat"!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the way i used to be...

I was talking to Steve Magness tonight about my training, his training, training in general and about how there is no ceiling on human potential. I realized that if I really wanted to go somewhere in running then I've got to have some plans.

I keep saying I'm training for this and I'm training for that, but in all reality I'm just wondering around (metaphor) with no direction. I've set out my spring goals and training plan. This is what it's going to be. Please let me know what you guys think...

I'm starting my "base" phase next sunday, january 29th. i'll do an 8 week build up to about 80 miles and then hold that for a little while. my build up will progress along these lines, but will vary with how i am handling the work load:
wk 1 - 50 mi. wk 2 - 60 mi. wk 3 - 65 mi. wk 4 - 65 mi.
wk 5 - 70 mi. wk 6 - 75 mi. wk 7 - 80 mi. wk 8 - 80 mi.

On the 2nd base week i will begin a tuesday tempo/fartlek and do one of those (alternating between the two) per week for the first 4 weeks of base. during these 4 weeks i'll have two sessions per week of short sprints; be that hill sprints (3X (3X60 meters)) or grass accelerations, or strides, etc. to work on my speed, so that I can become a faster and more efficient runner. I want to begin decreasing what is now about a 57 second quarter for my best. core will be done 4 times per week.

once the 5th week of base begins i will revert to 1 sprint session per week and replace the other session with a fartlek, setting up the week to where i will be getting a tempo on tuesday and a fartlek on saturday. wednesday will be a full recovery day, with nothing more than 6 miles being ran.

this base period will lead me up to the Texas Relays which I might get in. If i do run there, i'll look to sub 31:30 in the 10k which would be a minute improvement upon my best 10k.

in april and early may i will start getting in track sessions once per week, replacing my fartlek workout, leaving me with a week that consist of a tuesday tempo (of sorts), 1 sprint session, and a track session (repeats or sprints).

i will use the luke's locker open track meets for a "mini-season" and i'll look to run a pr in the mile and 5k.
afterwards i will take a week of relaxation and then start building another base with duncan.

the entire goal for this spring term is to emphasize a few key points:
1. my aerobic capabilities. my tempo runs will start at 1/2 marathon pace and increase as i improve. the distance runs and miles will help improve my aerobic base which will make my track sessions in april and may that much better.

2. my sprinting and speed. i'm using the sprint sessions: grass accelerations, hill sprints, etc. to work on lowering my natural speed. if i work these sessions, emphasizing good form i'll become a more efficient runner and thus run faster. my goal 400 meter time is 54 seconds by may.

3. my pacing/racing. the tempos and fartleks have to be run smartly or the workout will be ruined. thus i will have to begin practicing going out more conservatively and running harder on the back half. i will also spend time learning my "controlled" pace and my "tempo/fartlek" paces...

Saturday, January 21, 2006


amie morton ran 17:53
maybe getting to go to boston.

logan ran 8:43

cory 4:33


i think i am going to run a 3k at u of h #2.
just because i'm ready to race again.
had a decent run tonight.
really enjoy my area for training.
used to curse it, but now, i've realized
that i've got so many options.

getting new shoes by the end of the week.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

run faster than me... i realized on my jog tonight that two or three days ago i ran faster than i've ever run before in my life, for longer than i've ever whomever thinks they want to critique, go right on ahead, but then i faster than me...

Sunday, January 15, 2006


...for the moment...

I read a sports illustrated article on the basketball coach at ohio state university. A few years ago he made a list of 100 goals he wanted to accomplish and then set out to achieve them. Here is my 35; the first 25 are coaching related, the next 10 are running related:

  1. Graduate.
  2. Have at least a full team of recruits.
  3. Field a team of at least 12 men and women distance runners.
  4. Win the Heartland Conference Championship as a team.
  5. Have a Division 2 National Qualifier.
  6. Win the NCAA D2 South Central Regional Championship.
  7. Have a Division 2 National Champion.
  8. Win the NCAA D2 National Championship.
  9. Have a male national champion (no scholarship).
  10. Coach at DBU for at least 5 years.
  11. Be coach of the year in my conference by my 2nd year. (D2)
  12. Be coach of the year in my region by my 4th year. (D2)
  13. Be coach of the year in the nation by my 5th year. (D2)
  14. Get my Master's Degree.
  15. Land a top 10 State Recruit.
  16. Land a top 10 National Recruit.
  17. Get a job at a Division 1 University as the Head Cross Country Coach by my 10th yr coaching.
  18. Coach at the Ivy League or Pac 10.
  19. Have the number one Women's Team in the Country.
  20. Win a NCAA Division 1 Championship.
  21. Recruit the top class in the country.
  22. Be coach of the year in my conference by my 3rd year. (D1)
  23. Be coach of the year in my region by my 4th year. (D1)
  24. Be coach of the year in the nation by my 5th year. (D1)
  25. Coach a future/current Olympian.
  26. Run a 14 minute 5k by next year.
  27. Run a sub 14 minute 5k in 2 years.
  28. Sub 29 in the 10k in 3 years.
  29. Make the Olympic Trials.
  30. Sub 65 in the Half Marathon by my 6th Half Marathon.
  31. Have one full year of healthy training.
  32. Rank #1 in US in some running event before I am 30.
  33. Make an Olympic Team.
  34. Make World XC Team by 2009.
  35. Get a sponsorship before the age of 30.


On a lighter note: 5 Reasons Not to Stay in the Howard Johnson for the Houston Half Marathon next year:

  1. It is located right next to the hi-way, which means traffic never stops.
  2. The walls are paper thin, thus you hear every conversation/cough/sneeze.
  3. Every room is "smoking".
  4. The toilet and shower are in a 3 foot by 3 foot room.
  5. It is located next to a set of train tracks that apparently run trains all hours of the night.

U.S. Half Marathon Championships

Sunday, January 15th, Houston, TX--

We lined up on the intersection of La Branch and McKinney with 8,500 runners. I was in the front corral , so I made my way up to the front of the pack, next to the Brooks' guys and Rudy Rocha (Baytown, TX). From the gun I tried to stay relaxed, running a little slower than the Half in November (Dallas, TX); my first mile split was 5:10, and I was nice and comfortable, but already out of the lead pack. I followed Rudy's crazy form and a few guys from Nebraska until mile three (15:38) when I decided to join them. I ran with those guys, about six of us until the four mile mark (20:45) when I dropped what I felt was a surge and took them through the five mile marker (26:15) and the 10K (32:50). After 10K they moved back in front of me and I began to follow what was becoming a familiar scene, Rudy's left arm swining wildly, a Nebraskan with a tight upper body, and an African from the Marathon route. At mile seven I missed the split but took back over that pack. This was how it stayed until the turn around at mile nine (48:13) when Rudy came along side me. I tried hanging with him, surging back and forth until about mile eleven (58:47) when he dropped me for the rest of the race. I then began to get passed by a ton of people and really felt apart. I crossed the line in 1:11:31; a personal best by 2:15!!

I'm disappointed in my fitness. I'm disappointed in my mentality once Rudy dropped me. I really wanted to sub 70, but I've got time.


Up next is a full two weeks of relaxing and jogging!!! Then I'll get back into my tempo sessions and start a few key track workouts and maybe run a 5K or 10K this spring.


Other notes: Haile G breaks world record for Half Marathon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

this curse...

t-minus a few days...i have to run MY RACE...that's what gabe has said, as did duncan, as did dan. i'm extremely nervous, and people do not understand that. i've got stress all around me...which i refuse to let affect my running, but seriously, how can i control that? i'm ready to be on the road friday on the way to houston, and then on the way to hull. when i get on the starting line i do not want to think of dallas, i just want to focus on my goal...i'm going to try and hold 5:18's for the first 10k and then throw in a decent surge...we'll see?


london marathon is stacked.
dathan ritzenhein wants to beat bekele.
good luck.
kastor is a stud...but she is not paula radcliffe.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Today is Tuesday. Sunday is sunday, I mean, five days away. Awesome. Running a half marathon. Not just any half marathon, the us championships for half marathon. i'm nervous. i want to run fast. i want to run smart. i've never done that before though.

Track practice went well. Everyone is in shape!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

track season starts tomorrow...

...and i'm decently healthy, yet i'm not running...

at least not for a while. and at least not on the same page as my team. we're going to be at whiterock lake tomorrow morning around 9:30 a.m. that'll start the season off.

there will be some track meets for me. just not a full season's worth. i'm going to run the half sunday, take 2 weeks of easy jogging/recovering, and then i'm going to get back into my tempo sessions. if i feel i am in decent shape i will run a 3000 meters at the university of houston on february 11th (only going to run if i can manage between 8:30-8:40). i'm also going to try and run the 10k at the texas relays in april.

it's about to get busy again...:(

Friday, January 06, 2006

U.S. Championships Pre-Race Interview

Sunday, January 15th, in Houston, TX, Jacob Phillips will be taking on some of the top distance runners America has to offer when he competes in the U.S. Half Marathon Championships. The past two years, Nike's Dan Browne has won the U.S. Title.

(This interview is somewhat fictional)
MR: Jacob, you had a decent Fall racing season, looking back, and having a month or so now since your last competition, how do you feel about those races?

JP: You know, overall it was a pretty successful season. I had put in an amazing summer of miles, but consistency was not there as I kept having little things hurt on my body and then finally, towards the end of July and beginning of August, I thought that I might be experiencing another stress fracture, so I missed about a month of training and really suffered from there on out. So I basically was racing as I was building my base all over again, and I still gave myself every opportunity to compete.

MR: Which race from the fall really stands out in your mind as they key race?

JP: Honestly, each one of them. I only raced four times, and I learned so much in each one. At the Oklahoma State Jamboree I ran horribly, but it was my first competitive action in over a year, and looking back, it was a great workout, my fastest paced run to that point, so I really can't complain about that race. It fired me up to run well at the others. At the Chile Pepper Invitational put on by Arkansas, I had the chance again to race good competition and this time had a little more miles under my belt, and ran and competed well. My goal was to PR through 5 miles, which I did, and then to try and hang on for the last of the race. It was a good bounce back race after OState. Then we had the Half on November 6th, which was the hardest thing I have ever done, but I loved it. So, it really got me into this race that I'm running next week. It made the half marathon distance seem possible and it helped me set a goal, once I got a little better training in. And then, the big PR came in the Turkey Trot 5K where I ran 15:23. It was the first time I have ever controlled a race from the gun. It was a good race and proved I was moving in the right direction, as far as training goes.

MR: How has the training gone since the Turkey Trot?

JP: It's gone well. I started with a group in North Dallas and really got some good pace workouts in, and some hard runs. I was doing four of my key runs with those guys, Tuesday nights, Thursday mornings, Saturdays and long runs on Sundays. It was helpful, and I think it's got me in tip top shape for next Sunday.

MR: What's the plan for Sunday?

JP: First I'm just planning on getting there. I've got about 9 days or so, and I just need to make sure I keep on, without over doing it these next few days. But for Sunday, I'm going to pick a mile, whether it be 3, 4, 5, or 6 that I'll try to be relaxed and smooth through, and then just try and drop it and go for broke. I really want to be in the 68 minute range, but we'll see. I mean, I'm still young and really didn't start training for this until after my first Half in November. So we'll see. I'm prepared. I've just got to be smart.

MR: Any plans for after the Half?

JP: Actually, yes. I'm going to treat myself, regardless how I run, to a burger, and a coke. Just to spoil the day I guess:)! No, I'm going to take 10-13 days of easy jogging and exercise to recover, and then when I come back, I'm going to get back on my tempo schedule. Hard Tuesday, Decently hard Thursday, hard Saturday, and go from there. I'm going to try and get a good long run every 10 days or so. And we might run a 3k in houston, indoor, and maybe the 10k at the Texas Relays in April. We're just going from there.

MR: Good luck and have a great race.

JP: Thanks! I'm going to leave it all out there. See you at the finish.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

my last true workout...

...before the U.S. Championships in Half Marathon...

Duncan and I met at 6 a.m. at Norbuck Park to do the loop around the lake, which is a little more than 10 miles. We warmed up for 3 miles, (a really quick paced warm up, I was feeling good), and then ran 6X3 minutes on, with 2 minutes off, then a 1.5 mile or so cool down. We were averaging better than 5:30 miles for the miles around the lake. It went well, but I definitely felt the workout and worked a little harder than I would have liked.

Overall, I'm prepared. I've done the tempo's, the fartlek's, the long runs, now it's just time to run well.

Next week I'll be doing a few maintenance runs, and then Sunday, it's game time.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

if i didn't have this half marathon...

...i don't know what i would do. seriously. things are falling right now.

work harder.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Starting the year off with a memory

Happy New Year! I had a pretty decent run last night, ran some controlled loops (circuits) around the sub-division behind my apartment. It went well, a good nine miles. Here's a memory from last year.

It was the week of Fall Break. I had Monday off, so Dan and I warmed up for a mile, did some stretching, and then did 12X200's on/12X200's off. It was a great workout. We were getting down into 28's and 29's and had an amazing speed session. We then cooled down for a mile. Afterwards we soaked our legs in the pool and spoke about doing this for a living.

Good times.