Saturday, December 31, 2005

First run of the new year

Will be done on Monday as I am taking my day of rest.

U.S. Championships - 15 days away

Thursday, December 29, 2005

why am i always the last one to say how i feel?'s like driving down the middle of the road w/ no hands on the wheel...

Congratulations to Lance Armstrong for being named, "male" athlete of the year. He's truly an athlete and he truly deserves this award. He's such a great endurance athlete. I'm glad he's not coming back though; I'm tired of hearing the French complain.

Ran an awesome workout this morning to make up for the past two days that didn't go well at all. Duncan and I ran around White Rock Lake, a little over 10 miles total, with 6X3 minute pick ups, 2 minutes steady after a 3 mile warm up. We hauled. Traveled around the lake in 5:30 per mile pace...It was good to run well again. We'll see how it goes...

Been using my "The complete runner's day-by-day log and calendar" that the Colonel got me for Christmas!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

you come out at night...

...that's when the energy comes...

Right now I am in a struggle deciding the main reason to why I run. See I've got to give a testimony of sorts and more than half of it is going to be "why I run"...but right now, I've got so many different answers. I don't want any ideas either, because my reasons are nothing like yours. Trust me.


Ran a whole lot in Hull, Texas this past week. It was good. Tuesday night I had an amazing workout with Duncan and the gang, Wednesday I recovered with Taylor for about 7-8 miles. We just chilled and kept it conversable. Thursday I did a fartlek type workout, 8 miles, middle four with 4 minutes on, 1 minute off. Pretty tough, but don't think I ran it fast enough, but that is okay. Friday did around 10 miles. Saturday the same. Sunday, took off for Christmas. Today, I got in 9 this morning and am doing 30 minutes more with Hurley after 8.


I've got two more tough workouts and about a week and a half left of real intense running before I begin my taper for the US Half Marathon Championships. Pretty excited about it. 14th American gets 100 dollars. I'm going for first though...;)


Tomorrow it's back to work and more letter writing...recruit, recruit, recruit...that's how you build a program...and you stick to what you know...i'm also heading out to north dallas for another tuesday night workout...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

one hull-of-a run...

Hull, TX

Running throughout the holidays. Decent runs. Windy. Hot. Nice to be home. More updates after the holidays.

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tuesdays @ 5:30

Met with the Metroplex Striders once again. Last night, The Village Apartment Complex, 41 degrees and wet...we had a 2 mile warm up, 6 miles hard, 2 mile cool down. I dominated that run. Our first loop we went through in 11:15 (2 mi.), followed by a 22:00 split for 4 mi. (10:45 for 2 mi.), and closed in 10:30 for a 32:30 6 mile time. Good workout. A 5:25 workout pace. Not bad.

Going home tonight for some good hull running. This is the first Christmas Holidays in 3 years that I've been healthy!!!

Also, last night, Duncan tells me (he's drunk at this moment) that if I keep running well, and stay healthy, he knows Ken Williams who is the head rep at Mizuno and could get me a product sponsorship. We'll see. Just more reason to keep working hard.

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 17, 2005

tyler state park... owned this weekend...

In what was to be a preview of hopefully next summer's "DBU Cross Country Training Camp", Cory, Hurly, my brother, and myself took a mini-vacation, we'll call it "winter camping trip 2005" for this entry, to Tyler State Park to run, purify our selves from this world, and bond...we tore up the trails, the roads, and the monster hills from Thursday until Saturday...I believe that it was completely purifying to the running body...

This morning training starting back up full time. I put in 82 minutes and 16 seconds with Duncan, Habben, and Dave Ray. It was a nice run that really sets the stage for the next 2-3 weeks of tough training...I've got a little less than a month for the US Half Marathon Championships in Houston...January 15th to be the date...

Not really sure what to expect, but do want to be in the best shape of my life...chances are, i will be...

Congrats to UW's Women's Volleyball team...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

check this out...

I'm not sure if you guys have ever heard of the MetroPlex Striders, but if not, and you're a high school aged runner, and live anywhere within driving distance of Dallas, you should check them out. Terry Jessup coaches these guys/girls. He's responsible for the likes of Logan Sherman, Erin Bedell, Rob Morrow, Emily Field, and the list goes on...

Tonight I checked them out first hand, with a tempo run around Southwestern Village Apartments...Duncan and myself led a group of Habben Berrane, Erin Bedell, Matt Ross, and a few others I did not know through the workout. It was tough and it was fast paced...i seriously recommend this club to anyone who can afford it...that's right, it comes with a cost...

On to other is pretty good right now, though i am sure i just jinxed myself saying that...but i'm working hard, living life, loving jesus...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Learning to Fly

This is life. It is what it is. For me, it is running. Pretty plain and simple, one step in front of the other, but for some odd reason, it isn't. It's injuries and fatigue and climate conditions that you cannot control. It's not improving fast enough or running badly when it really counts. It's having to tell people they are training wrong, and then look at yourself in the mirror and say the samething.

But I love it. I love running, I love coaching, and I love thinking about it. Today I have to get stronger: mentally, physically, and spiritually, if I am going to succeed at both running and coaching it.

I've worked harder in the past three days than I have all semester, I think. I owe that to Coach Rob Conner at the University of Portland. He gave me a call and gave me a lot of pointers.

Congrats are in store for Gabriel Rodriguez as he is moving on to bigger and better things.

Camping this weekend. Hopefully running a lot. I'll have more later. Right now, I'm doing research.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

25 letters per day...


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

have you seen me lately...

the weather outside is crazy. below freezing and precipitation, within a few hours, snow. i ran regardless. a test run on my shin. i grade it a B. i am not sure if it's fine or if it something i need to stay off of. the run was good, ran decent, for 30 minutes, just to check it out. it was like every five minutes or so i would notice it and it really wasn't a pain, more of a discomfort.

tomorrow i'll go another 30 and see how it progresses...though i am ready to get back to my 8 mile runs, and even bumping that up to about 9.


i have some feelings about a few things that i really want to speak about. for starters, congratulations to Simon Bairu, who would have thought that this guy was going to win the National Championship two years in a row? (Gabe doesn't count) He pulled off a feat that no one has since 1996, nearly ten years without a repeat champion and that was Godfrey Siamusiye from Arkansas. Does this make him the most dominate collegiate cross country runner of the new millenium? sure. i will argue though that had ritzenhein hung around, he would have won during simon's first tenure as champion.

the evolution of women's running. more and more i find myself amazed at the times and credentials and efforst that these women are putting out. i mentioned this yesterday, but lindsey scherf puts down a 15:42 5k! Not to mention that last year, as a high school senior, Baylor freshman, Erin Bedell ran 2:08 in the 800 as well as 4:43in the mile.

the opportunities are now there for women, and the revolution has begun. i'm excited about this, i see ladies like paula radcliffe running so dominantly and providing younger women, such as scherf, bedell, bierbaum, and lambie, not to mention sara (bei) hall.

one more congratulatory remark for Nicodemus Naimadu. He is now the 2 time Division 2 Cross Country Champion by winning again in only his second full season of collegiate cross country. maybe a dream match up would be Nicodemus versus Simon.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

an unlikely forecast...

It is supposed to snow tomorrow morning. That should be interesting, being I have never attempted a run in snow. I'm sure it'll add to the adventure that are the morning runs. Not much is going on right now. Training, trying to stay healthy. This morning, I really killed a core workout. Who knows what that'll do though?

Lyndsey Sherf ran 15:42 for 5K. She was moving on that, just makes me wonder what happened at XC Nationals? She's a talent, I'm becoming a huge fan of her. I'm glad she chose Harvard, that means she chose academics/education over an athletics scholarship, but is still giving 110% to her running. If only I could find those!

Josh McDougal ran 13:52 for 5k as well. He's a stud. I wish he would have gone somewhere other than Liberty University. It's a Baptist School, which is cool, but their head baseball coach is Randy Tomlin, who is my least favorite of all major league baseball players ever. I asked him for his autograph once and he said, "I don't have time to sign autographs kid," so my uncle told him to, well never mind what my uncle said, but nonetheless Eric Anthony took care of him later in the game.

Gabe got me pretty hype about my running yesterday. There are only a few people who can do that, Gabe, Terry Jessup, Duncan Cragg, and myself. So we'll see where that leads me. Hopefully to some healthy training and faster times.


Indoor track season is coming up. I'm cocky enough to think that I can have my kids run fast there, as well as outdoor without losing anything. We'll see. I hope they trust me.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

chasing Jacob Phillips

What high school did you attend?
Hull Daisetta High, 2001.

What was the recruiting process like for you?
Pretty much nonexistant. I was semi-recruited by Lamar University, a D1 school in Beaumont,TX, and really hardcore recruited by Coe College in Iowa, a D3 school in Cedar Rapids.

How did DBU come about?
I wanted to run, it didn't work out at Lamar, so I transferred here. Pretty simple story.

What one running accomplishment are you most proud of?
Probably just sticking with it. I'm not that good, so nothing really stands out.

Where is your favorite place to race?
Rice University's outdoor track. It's amazing. In fact, running there after a stress fracture injury is probably my proudest moment. It was pouring, Steve Magness ran, it was fun.

What is a workout that really makes you feel good about yourself?
Going fast around White Rock. Anytime you dip below 55 minutes or so around the lake is pretty decent.

Are you a good student?

What goals do you have for the rest of the year?
Subbing 70 minutes for the Half.

What's your favorite type of music?
Mellow and soulfull. Just bought the Counting Crows, Across A Wire, Live CD. It's really good.

Favorite Band?
Hootie and the Blowfish.

What is your favorite Track and Field event?
1500 meters, starting to love the 5k though.

What track athlete do you admire?
Tons. Lagat, Webb, Mottram, Tergat, Geb, my fav. it El G and Paula though. I like Gabe Jennings too. And Ryan Hall and Galen Rupp.

Favorite Pre-Race Meal?
Sub way or toast.

What school is your biggest rival?
Probably either Baylor, or Northwood University. Funny thing is, I'm decent friends with both coaches, but in Baylor, we seem to set a certain standard and Northwood is right down the road.

What is your favorite movie?

What song did you listen to last?
Anna Begins, Counting Crows

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I am grown up.

Favorite Song of all time?
What do you want from me now, Hootie

If you could take a trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Flagstaff or Hull, TX.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
College Football and Track and Field.

Favorite Sports Team?
Houston Astros/Boston Red Sox

Friday, December 02, 2005

to be remembered...

For two days this is all I've been thinking of, some article that runner's world put out about bill bowerman. To be honest, I'm not even a fan of the guy, I've heard it was Dellinger that made the workouts for Pre (who I believe is overrated anyways). But the respect he got from his kids, the respect he got from everyone, it was something that regardless what you are doing, you want.

As a runner, I want to be so good. Really, I do. The work it takes to get there is something I'm willing to do and hope that I am doing it now. Every morning, when I wake, I don't want anyone to be working harder or smarter than I. Too often though, that isn't the case.

Sometimes I try and imagine what it would be like if I had a Bill Bowerman coaching me, guiding me through this journey of trying to pull more out of myself than ever thought imaginable. Would I be faster? Could I handle his intensity? Who knows?

As a coach, and this is something I've really been thinking on do I want to be remembered? As a guy people enjoyed running for? As a guy who got the most out of each of his athletes? An expert in the field of distance running?

The east coast at the moment is calling me. I made a top 10 list of schools I would want to coach at, aside from the great Dallas Baptist University (and Stanford). They were:

  1. Harvard
  2. Yale
  3. Dartmouth
  4. Columbia
  5. Duke
  6. Cornell
  7. Iona
  8. Providence
  9. UNC
  10. Connecticut

I would like to be the women's distance coach. I'm not so sure I'm so good at coaching guys. There is so much more talent out there that there is no room for mistakes. With the ladies, you don't have to be as perfect and a strong girl is usually hard to beat when healthy, at least in my experiences.