Monday, June 19, 2006

i need this...

Running well right now. if you want specifics go to, or you can just imagine that i'm running 200 mile weeks, all in 6 minute pace.

planning a road trip.
planning the xc season.
a huge kink just came about.
see we have to fly to montana to run for conference.
means i need to be a little more "frugile" (?)


i'll have some info on the road trip later in the day.

Friday, June 16, 2006

recruiting, chiropractors, and morning runs

rob connor at the university of portland once challenged me to recruit, mail letters, and recruit! that's what i'm back to. the recruiting season has just opened and the early bird gets the worm. sent out some stuff for men this morning, dedicating the afternoon to the women.

saw dr. hodge this morning. need to strengthen the small things, especially since i'm building miles.

ran 7 this morning...went well. think the foot thing is behind us.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

the foot doctor

went to see dr. allen sherman, father of logan sherman. my foot has been bothering me and immediately, any time something hurts on me, i think stress fracture. but everything (at the moment) seems to be okay. seems that i have an extremely long second toe on my left foot and that happens to take the brunt of each foot fall.

so it was only a matter of time before it became bruised/irritated anyway. dr. sherman was sure it wasn't a fracture and guaranteed me it wasn't a neuroma. by the way, he's a foot specialist, so he would know.

he did suggest flourical (spelling?) for my past history of stress fractures. so we'll see about that.


ran 7 miles last night and 7 miles this morning and this morning the foot felt well.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

training philosophy

*training philosophy

I feel that miles make the man, per say. Improvement comes from building volume, along with other spects, but I think that the main key in distance training is mileage. Lydiard and Daniel's have stressed the fact that the aerobic capacity of a human is one thing that can continue to improve. Miles improve aerobic capabilities.

In high school I ran around 12 miles per week!!! 2 miles a day if that. Once I started training under different coaches, (Gabriel Rodriguez) I began to up my weekly mileage. I went from 12 miles per week to having a week top out at 101 miles. Was it fun? Yes.

But I got hurt, which leads me to the second key, which is probably just as important as mileage: health. You can't run hard every day and you can't train dumb. You have to be smart to stay healthy. Most people feel that mileage isn't what hurts you, it's the intensity. I agree.

After mileage and health I think of specificity as being super important. You don't exactly kill 200 meter repeats if you are looking to run a marathon or an ultra marathon, just as you don't need a 30 mile long run to train for the mile. For Cross Country you will race any where from 4k to 12k and thus can take a program that is built around 5k/10k training and do well on that.

You can dive even deeper into specificity and look at the individual athlete. The athlete might be running cross country (4k to 12k) but be an amazing half miler. Thus you would think the strength would be strength and speed and try to devise a plan that would fit that athlete to be the most successful.Personally, I do not want to get that specifically involved. I believe that if I find a decent cross country training program that works (just for example) and my top athlete is improving, then my worst athlete will improve as well. But this is another subject for another time.

My fourth and final principle is recovery. If you take recovery serious then you should stay healthy, and be able to complete the training phases and race well.

4 principles of training:
1 mileage
2 health
3 specificity
4 recovery

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Have you ever been so frustrated that you just wanted to walk down a dead end road and keep going right through the dead end? Yeah, try today, or this week (yes, it's only Tuesday)...things happen in life that I can not and will not try to explain, but they've really irritated me this week.

Let's just start off with my foot, which is hurt bad enough to force me to some days off. Now the debate starts up, "Why are you always hurt Jake?" Is it the shoes? Is it the intensity? Is it your running style?

Let me answer those questions: It can't be the shoes. I get new shoes like people change underwear and I break them in before running in them. It might be the intensity. I run harder than some people. But I don't run a lot, at least not now any ways. And my running style has been the same since I was born. I can't change it.

Things just aren't falling into place. So what do I do? I rearrange. I take action. I make amends?


Thought of the day: take as many naps as you can.

Monday, June 12, 2006

i want to talk to you...

Ran an easy 7 miles this morning in my new zoom milers. we'll see. the jury is still out on them. currently icing my foot. there's this spot on the bottom that seems like a bruise, but is probably something worse. i'll continue monitoring it.

got a 4 miler scheduled for tonight. first double of the summer. should be interesting.

read some good articles on khalid khannouchi and deena kastor this morning. khannouchi (or kk) has been out nearly 3.5 years and is finally back running fast. he's well over a minute faster than any other american, including meb. deena is certainly the athlete who is most on fire. she's won chicago, now london, and broke the 2:20 barrier.

spending the rest of the day in office trying to contact some people and studying up for a math test.

yeah, that's life at the moment.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

play crack the sky

Looking for 59 miles this week. Felt good on a 10 miler this morning with dan. actually went a little further than 10, maybe 10.5, but felt good regardless. the morning was awesome. a light breeze, plenty of shade, etc. a pretty enjoyable event to start out the day with.

the week looks like this:
sunday - 10 miles
monday - 7 miles/4 miles
tuesday - 6 miles/4 miles
wednesday - 7 miles
thursday - 6 miles
friday - 7 miles
saturday - 8 miles

got new shoes today. much needed new shoes. they didn't have any of my regular mizuno wave rider 9's so i opted for the nike zoom miler after much debate with the nike zoom vomero. after the fact, it was the light weight miler that i felt more comfortable in, compared to the bulky cushioning of the vomero.

i'm pretty scared of running in nike, but we'll see how it goes.

i'm starting to ignore you...i'm tired of overthinking...i know you don't belong...i am asking one pushes me around...every body feels this way sometimes...every body feels this way...